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C.G. Snead/J.F. Bryan, III Memorial Award

Congratulations to Roger Dominey, CLU, ChFC, CFP®!

You are Awesome. Don't forget it.2018 C.G. Snead/J.F. Bryan III Memorial Award Recipient



Roger Dominey, Managing Partner of MassMutual Southeast Coast is the 2018 recipient of the C.G. Snead/J.F. Bryan, III Memorial Award for outstanding service. This annual honor goes to an individual for their outstanding service to the insurance industry.

About NAIFA-Northeast Florida's C.G. Snead/J.F. Bryan, III Memorial Award

In 1957, shortly after the death of C.G. Snead, Co-founder of the Independent Life and Accident Insurance Company of Jacksonville, Florida, the officers and directors agreed that it would be fitting for the company each year to present to that individual in Jacksonville, and also the state at large, a suitable plaque and silver tray, each to be appropriately inscribed, “For the outstanding service rendered to the public at large and at the same time gave due credit to the insurance industry.”

Due to the stature of the award over the past 39 years, the Board of Directors in December of 1995 agreed to co-name the award in honor of J.F. Bryan, III. As Chairman of the Board of Directors and President, he led Independent Life through a period of unprecedented growth. During these years, Bryan gave unselfishly to the Life Underwriters Association and contributed greatly to its growth as well.

As a result of the company’s sale to American General Corporation, the Board of Directors of Independent Life voted to establish an endowment so that The C.G. Snead / J.F. Bryan, III Memorial Award could continue as the premier association award.

Congratulations to all of our C.G. Snead / J.F. Bryan, III Memorial Award recipients!

2018 - Roger Dominey, CLU, ChFC, CFP
2017 - Denny Axman CLU, ChFC, AEP, CFP®
2016 - William "Gene" Bryant
2015 - Paul Broome, CLU, ChFC
2014 - Steven C. Glenn, CLU, ChFC, MSM, MSFS
2013 - Robin Wahby, CLU
2012 - Joseph J. Maltese, CFP®, ChFC, CLU, LUTCF
2011 - Margie Williams
2010 - James Burkett, LUTCF
2009 - James F. Delay, CLU, ChFC
2008 - Cherri Coombs-Ohmer, LUTCF
2007 - Van Mullinax, LUTCF
2006 - William F. Murphy
2005 - Marcus Hatcher, CLU, ChFC, LUTCF
2004 - Michael Halloran, CLU, ChFC, CFP, LUTCF
2003 - Fred Lemmon, CLU, ChFC
2002 - Gary L. Webster, LUTCF
2001 - William C. Florenz, CLU, LUTCF
2000 - Kathy Matthews-Glenn
1999 - Robert T. Tison, LUTCF
1998 - Maureen Kirschhofer, CLU, ChFC
1997 - David W. Perry, LUTCF
1996 - T. O’Neal Douglas
1995 - Bruce Connors, CLU, ChFC
1994 - Thomas Boyd, CLU, ChFC
1993 - Kenneth N. Soud, CLU, ChFC
1992 - J.F. Bryan, IV
1991 - Wilford Lyon, Jr.
1990 - John E. Hazard, CLU, ChFC
1989 - Debra S. Braddock
1988 - Marvin B. Harper, CLU
1987 - Paul A. Broome, CLU, ChFC
1986 - Carter B. Bryan
1985 - Arch W. Cassidy, CLU, ChFC
1984 - C. R. Loverich, CLU, ChFC, RHU
1983 - Fred C. Jackson, CLU
1982 - Charles A. Bell, CLU, ChFC
1981 - Frank H. Tally, CLU
1979 - Jack Hoffman Quaritius
1978 - L. Hayes Tate, CLU
1977 - H.L. Williams, CLU
1976 - Edward L. Forrest
1974 - Michael P. DeSanto
1973 - William K. Mouro
1971 - Gerald C. Iwanowski
1970 - James C. Gamble, Sr., CLU
1969 - Frank Reyes
1968 - W. Ashley Verlander
1966 - Martin Weiss, CLU
1964 - Robert L. Storey
1962 - W. DeLessep Smith
1962 - William J. Hamrick
1958 - Henry P. Schage