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Community Service Award

Congratulations to James F. Register, Jr.!

2019 Community Service Award Recipient


Jim Register started with State Farm in 1975 and proud to say that he has been an Agent since 1996. During that time, he qualified for Bronze Tablet, Silver Scroll, Golden Triangle and Crystal Excellence Honor awards as well as an Ambassador for Life qualifier. Jim am a lifetime resident of Jacksonville and graduated from Southern Illinois University.>

He has had the opportunity to serve in his community by being a Past President of the Rotary Club of Mandarin, he served as Rotary District 6970 Assistant Area Governor, he is Past Chairman of the Duval County Planning Commission and Past Chairman of the Duval County Civil Service Board. He joined NAIFA (then NALU) in 1996. He is married to Sue Register.

About the Community Service Award

NAIFA-NortheastFlorida-TRANS-Right-001The Community Service Award was established in 1977 to recognize an individual who is active in the Association and has contributed his or her time and talents to organizations within the community. NAIFA-Jacksonville encourages everyone to give back something to the community in which they earn their livelihood.

The responsibility of chairing the nominations of the Community Service falls on the shoulders of the past recipient. Past recipients of the award are automatically elected to the committee.

The recipient of the prior year is also the presenter of the award to the current winner and the recipient for two years ago is responsible for holding the nominations for the next recipient. They generally meet in August and the Awards chairperson will need to follow up to make sure that this goes according to calendar.

There are no nominating forms or set procedures. The task is to identify the person in our industry who the committee feels deserves to be recognized for their outstanding work in our community. The award presentation takes place at the annual NAIFA-Jacksonville Awards Meeting. A presentation of an engraved silver bowl is presented at this time.

Congratulations to all of our Community Service Award recipients!

2018      William S. Koch
2017      Margie Williams
2016      Andrew Laino, CFP, CLU, CLTC
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2013      Mark Bailey
2012      Maureen Kirschhofer, CLU, ChFC
2011      Craig Dewhurst
2010      Carldon E. Lahey, Jr. CLU, ChFC
2009      Todd Middleton
2008      Thomas A. Boyd, CLU
2007      Ed Clements
2006      Robin Wahby, CLU
2005      Rod Binczak *
2004      Alicia Burst
2003      James F. DeLay, CLU, ChFC
2002      Cherri M. Coombs, LUTCF
2001      Matt Carlucci
2000      Michael P. DeSanto, LUTCF
1999      Chris Verlander
1997      Ron Weaver
1995      Eric Smith
1994      Joseph H. Arnall
1993      Arch W. Cassidy *
1992      T. O'Neal Douglas
1991      John E. Hazard, CLU, ChFC
1990      J.F. Bryan, IV
1989      Robert E. Dickson, CLU, ChFC
1988      Robert O. Purcifull
1987      E. William Nash, CLU
1986      Wilford C. Lyon, Jr.
1985      W. Ashley Verlander
1984      Carter B. Bryan
1983      Marvin B. Harper, CLU
1982      I.M. Sulzbacher *
1981      Frank J. Brennan, CLU
1980      Fred C. Jackson, CLU, ChFC
1979      William K. Mouro
1978      David E. Harrell, CLU
1977      J.F. Bryan, III

* deceased